Bad news for Cuba’s opposition movement

There is bad news for Cuba’s opposition movement: The Vatican wants more dialogue with the Castro dictatorship. The last time they talked, dozens of members of Cuba’s opposition were banished and forcibly exiled to Spain.

Pope Urges Cuba to Expand Dialogue with Catholic Church

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI encouraged Cuban authorities Monday to “expand” the dialogue “that has happily been established” with the Catholic Church, and which has led to the release of dozens of political prisoners.

The pope was speaking before members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, whom he received Monday to start the new year.

“I wish to address some words of encouragement to the authorities of Cuba, a country that in 2010 celebrated 70 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations with the Holy See, so that the dialogue that has happily been established with the church be strengthened and expanded even more,” the pontiff said.

Last year the Cuban government began a dialogue with the Catholic Church with the support of Spain.

President Raul Castro’s government announced in July that it would free the 52 dissidents of the so-called “Group of 75” still in jail, of whom 40 have now been released on condition that they leave the country and go to Madrid. EFE

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  1. Uh, wait a second. The pope mentions how long Cuba has had diplomatic relations with the Vatican, but says nothing about how long it’s been oppressed by a horrendous totalitarian tyranny. What is wrong with this picture?

  2. Oh, and that article is incorrect. The released political prisoners were not let out on condition they go to Madrid, but rather to Spain. Spain doesn’t want them staying in Madrid, but has tried to disperse them to various other places in the country.

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