Pyrrhus, call your office!

If you’re on twitter and follow the #cuba hashtag, you may have noticed a very sharp – and I mean exponentially so – increase in tweets from the collective on the island nation the past few days. This opening of the cage door coincides with the trial for Posada Carrilles. One need only follow a few of the Cuban tweeters to see their stats, and how “coincidentally” their tweets always – always – coincide with some propaganda and media blitz from the regime.

This morning, though, there were many cries of victory via Twitter from the Cuba cyber-collective as the regime managed to have one of its organs in exile post a Free the Five billboard on NW 37th Avenue and 4th Street in Miami:


I debated on whether to post on it or not, after all, why would we give these sick bastards any publicity?

Turns out, however, the commie victory was a Pyrrhic one:


The tweets from Cuba’s Rapid Cyber-response Brigades have now changed, naturally. Turns out Miami went from “supporting justice for five anti-terrorists” (their sloganeering of choice) to being a city of hate and intransigence.

Esta no es tu casa, eh, fidel?

2 thoughts on “Pyrrhus, call your office!”

  1. Notice the “Alianza Martiana” bit. It’s not just defending spies and accomplices to murder, but bringing the hallowed name of Jose Marti into it. Shameless doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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