The Words and Deeds of “Civil Dialog”

These last several days since the terrifying shootings in Tucson, AZ. we have had the displeasure of watching our mainstream news media and politicians (elected officials as well who should know better) playing fast and loose with words and idle speculation … even to the point of direct false accusations. It seems a totally different template has been used to cover the Tucson shootings than the one used after the Ft. Hood shootings …

I won’t give you my thoughts on why Saturday’s insane and deadly attack in the Southwest desert city was treated so differently, by the MSM and the politicians, than the insane and deadly attack on the Texas Army base where the shooter not only telegraphed his ideological bias and desires on a daily basis for those around him to hear, but followed the pattern of previous like-minded “ideologues” did when carrying-out their death and destruction events. No, I would be guilty of profiling, and that would be immoral … I guess. But we never want to jump to any conclusions. That would be acting foolishly.

I won’t rehash samples of stark differences of coverage and dialog between the Ft. Hood shooting and the days … moments … following Saturday’s horrific crime by gunman Jared Loughner. You can scroll through this site to find our coverage of it. Instead let’s look past the alleged ‘crosshair’ symbols on some political district map to real words and intent … Please take a short stroll with me now, why don’t you?

That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida,” Mr. Kanjorski said. “Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him. Put him against the wall and shoot him …”

Former Rep. Paul Kanjorski is being cited as a democrat who has used some of the most heated violent rhetoric in his political-speak, now calls for civility in our discourse and claims anyone who would actually take his past words literally would have to be crazy … I’m thinkin’, “Yeah.” If all of us took literally some of what our parents or friends/enemies said to us when we were kids the environmentalists would have their wish for a reduced world population. And I imagine at some point everyone on Earth WOULD have had their ass kicked were that idle threat actually carried out to the level of its usage. The English language is arguably one of the more difficult to navigate through for those who learn it as a second language. And for those of us who have somewhat of a ‘full command’ of it we often times either don’t completely listen to what’s being said, or hear only what we want to hear. Yes, words have meaning, but lots of words have multiple meanings. And then add into the mix the inflection, tone, intent, and context, with or without benefit of video in which to view the speaker’s facial expressions. This is usually why when someone makes a threat and follows it with, “I mean it!” it’s a given that they do. For example, our youth seem to have a communication problem when it comes to the social network media of Twitter, FaceBook and texting. Truncated words and sentences do not fully convey the depth of the entire thought context and emotion, and often times becomes misinterpreted.

However, as with the former Congressman’s rhetoric above, someone could be emotionally charged to the point of being serious with what they are saying, but not quite. So, what are we to make of this?

And this?

And the mainstream news media’s failure to cover it, let alone put it into the full context of their current and on-going commentary (and mostly speculation and accusation) on threatening language in the public dialog? (By the way, when you hear them declare FOX News is causing some sort of racist whatnot, it’s because they have covered and addressed the above … obviously.) So, how seriously should we take the threatening rhetoric of, say, those leaders of the New Black Panther Party? Well, words are one thing, yes, but actions/deeds …

Philly 2008:

North Philly 2010:

I imagine these men were trying to make some sort of ‘symbolic’ statement … perhaps even performance art … leaving that interpretation up to those who directly encountered/viewed it on their way in to vote.

But since our own Department of Justice has been unwilling and incapable of correctly investigating and addressing ‘playing angry statue’ street theater outside election polling sites such mimes are emboldened to continue with their sidewalk theater of intimidation. But rest assured, the DOJ and the DHS, along with righteous democrats in our Congress, are ready and willing to write and pass new legislation to prohibit certain methods of free speech, such as crosshairs over politicians and combinations of words … such as “Jobs Killing Bill”. We’ll all be much safer for it, honest.

The liberal/leftist politicians’ and MSM’s idea of “Civil Dialog” … Something we all can get behind … and hopefully not in front of.

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