Half a Year Waiting on False Promises

Pedro Arguelles Moran in Pedazos de la Isla:

Pedro Arguelles Moran: Half a Year Waiting on False Promises

Political prisoner of conscience from the group of the 11 men who have refused to accept forced exile in exchange for freedom, Pedro Arguelles Moran, has once again left us a new recording, transcribed with the help of friends in solidarity, on the blog, “Voices Behind the Bars”.

His text:

“Six months have passed since I turned down the opportunity to go into exile. During all that time, the communist Cuban regime has been breaking its own promises of releasing us—the members of the group of the 75 who have decided not to abandon our homeland. On numerous occasions during this half year they have moved away from shattering the infamous gates that separate us from our family and social environment. Clearly, the totalitarian Castro regime does not have the least will to free us and they intend to banish us at whatever cost. There is simply no possible justification to hold us hostage as prisoners. There is no pressure that can possibly force me to abandon my country, and much less to abandon the exalted and dignified civil struggle for the respect of human rights and freedoms inherent to the dignity of all human beings. In a very stubborn way, these rights and freedoms are being systematically and institutionally violated, from the very moment the government seized power by force of arms, intimidation, and terror in 1959.We will continue working peacefully to achieve the so yearned and suffered democratic transition to a state where rule of law, civil society, and social justice all thrive.

Pedro Arguelles Moran
Prisioner of conscience; provincial prison of Canaletas in Ceigo de Avila, Cuba.”

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