The Golden Goose and His Smooth-Talking Devils Hit A Speed Bump


This week the media’s attention went from the “golden-voiced” celebrity building of Ted Williams to the heated blitzkrieg mission of “blood libel” against Sarah Palin, the average American citizen movement of the Tea Party, talk radio personalities, etc. (everyone except the authentic lunatic fringe of society who actually sprayed a gathering of innocent people with a full clip of bullets) … So, I thought I’d bring you up to speed a bit on the homeless man that grabbed everyone’s attention one long week ago.

When the media’s camera crosshairs are on you the dirty laundry is going to get seen in public. Depending on the MSM’s agenda it is either the bulls eye or one of the outer rings of lesser value on their target over the subject of their attention. Several days ago Mr. Williams was meeting with one of his daughters in a Hollywood hotel (I knew when Hollywood finally entered into this mix it would only go south faster). The two got into a bit of a heated family squabble. I would imagine, given Mr. Williams’ troubled history, there is a lot of unresolved issues and resentment that would eventually surface once he directly came into contact with those who were most affected by this man’s personal failings … loved ones. Add to that the resentment would be made even more raw seeing the man who had failed them now put on the media pedestal as some baseless and unproven hero, knowing he was just the opposite with his most important responsibilities. Families are not Utopias. Family squabbles can be mild to extreme on a daily basis. Most are typical thrusting and parrying for elbow room within the family space, but most don’t end up on the news feed … unless they result in a crime during the confrontation. Local law enforcement is called and usually hash it out to a coolheaded grumbling of the parties involved before leaving. But in Ted Williams’ and his daughter’s case it is yet another opportunity for the laundry-obsessed media to drag it out for public consumption …

I honestly had thought something like this would present itself a bit later down the road with Williams. But this soon and to this limited degree of damage might be a blessing in disguise for him. We must understand this (and I am assuming someone in Hollywood put Williams up in the hotel and ran an open tab for him … possibly without warning to hotel management not to fill his possible room service orders for alcohol of any kind) the man may appear on the straight and narrow but was still on shaky ground with his will power and restraint to deal with the sudden attention, accolades and availability to amenities he had been without for a long time.

Ted Williams has a gift, and projects to the public that he is a likable and easy going person. We all have bad moments, bad days, that take us outside the person we really are. Hearing of the recent encounter with his daughter indicates he’s not quite ready to deal one on one with the damage from his past he and his demons created.

Of the interviews I had seen of Williams he would go from composed to giddy to near tearful breakdown. He is lacking in the tools needed to just deal with the daily details we all resolve and then move on from in life. He may have stepped away from his demons, but they are still in tow. All the job offers in the world, managers/publicists/agents, and freebies will not be a life-changer for this man unless he can become strong enough to be the one in control of his life, instead of his life in control of him.

For all the gleeful interviews and interaction with the media personalities I was struck most by a couple things Williams would say that would quickly bounce off the radar.

First, it was prescient he himself equated the sudden attention to having just won the “mega-millions lottery”. We have all heard how the sudden ‘windfall’ on unprepared people often times leaves them in it’s shallow wake, and worse-off than they were before the jackpot win. Thinking ahead of today and our lust for needful things instead of what we will need takes a lot of will power, discipline, and control.

Second, Williams also repeatedly said something that caught my attention … That he had found “God”, and would follow it up with “A god of my understanding in my life …” (6:30 mark)

My warning bells went off. I’m not particularly religious, choosing to put my attention into my faith in God than something man had made. For Williams to declare “a god of my understanding” can mean one of two things (or both):

1. he is misunderstanding God and what God expects of us

2. that he has recognized God is in his life, but rationalizes his actions, when it suits his need, in spite of what God expects of us

We are given free will. Translated, that means personal responsibility to follow the simple rules God put before us. It is a trust. While Williams believes he is being guided by the mutual trust between himself and God, he needs to understand he is still in the probation stage of that new relationship. The most important person he would be letting down if he fails, should he break that trust, is himself. Yes, others will feel disappointment and pain, but directly related to watching him fall and hurt himself all over again.

In stating it is a ‘god of his understanding’ he is projecting he has not yet fully come to understand himself. Even though he knows the bumps in the road he has tripped over in his past, does he fully understand and has he come to resolve with why … what inside himself allowed the demons to take over control of his life from him? Where he is now he needs to change this current jolt not into a derailment of his journey, but a speed bump by which to slow down and proceed at a cautious and thoughtful pace.

Now then, early on in this post I took a shot at “Hollywood” being somewhat culpable in Mr. Williams’ alleged fall off the wagon. I castigate myself for being guilty of what the MSM has been shamelessly doing for nearly a week now … Deflecting responsibility from the individual and his actions onto a third party. See how easy that is to do when you either somehow want to protect or make excuses for the individual … or want to implicate someone else you would rather see demonized?

Fame or Infamy?

Ted Williams needs to be identified as someone needing help and support internally, just as Jared Lee Loughner did but did not receive. Both have damaged other people in their actions, past and present. One has, for all intents and purposes, ended his life in society in infamy … His demons have fully consumed him. The other has been given a warning sign that he needs to gain and develop the important tools he needs in order to control himself and re-enter society as a productive and responsible, and possibly famous, citizen that will not damage the lives of others he comes into contact with … To cage his demons and lock them behind a strong door he must walk past everyday.

As I said early-on with the media’s discovery of Ted Williams and his story … This will be a life’s lesson for us all. Interestingly, so will this past week of MSM false witness and malicious intent … But those are the demons that have fully consumed the now infamous American media.

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