We can do better

Roger Noriega in Americas Forum on how in regards to Cuba, the U.S. can do better:

[…]No one would dare say that President Obama does not want the very best for the Cuban people. But arranging for them to get cash from their families so the Cuban regime can vacuum it out of their pockets at exorbitant state-run dollar stores is nowhere near the best we can do. Standing by silently as the regime curries international favor for freeing innocent dissidents who never should have been jailed in the first place is not the best we can do. Holding business-as-usual talks with a Cuban dictatorship that has held hostage American aid worker Alan Gross for his humanitarian service to the island’s Jewish community is hardly the best we can do. And cutting back on creative pro-democracy aid programs for fear of irritating the dictatorship, and substituting them with micro-credit projects that will do little more than help laid-off regime apparatchiks is perhaps the worst we can do.[…]

Read the entire editorial HERE.

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