Protests in Venezuela

Yesterday, pro-democracy Venezuelans took to the streets of Caracas on the 53rd anniversary of democracy in Venezuela to protest the communist takeover of the country by the self-appointed dictator Hugo Chavez.

Allies and adversaries of President Hugo Chavez took to the streets of the capital by the thousands Sunday, staging rival demonstrations to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of Venezuela’s democracy.

Opposition supporters gathered along an avenue in eastern Caracas and chanted anti-government slogans while waving red-yellow-and-blue Venezuelan flags and banners labeling Chavez a despot. Many of the president’s critics expressed concerns that Chavez is amassing power and cracking down on sent.

“In a country where dissidence is constantly attacked, there’s no true democracy,” said Virginia Zamora, who helped organize the anti-Chavez rally.

The protesters had some great signs (via AP):

Via Noticias 24:




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