Going Green

As President Obama reminded us in his State of the Union address last Tuesday, America needs to go green! The future economy is a green economy, and this nation needs to spend billions of dollars to get there. In reality there are plenty of green solutions that do not require the expenditure of money we do not have. And I am proud to say that in my household, we have already embarked on our own going green campaign.

Butters and Zoe poised to pounce on any wayward crumb

Meet Butters and Zoe, my eco-friendly, bio-fuel powered vacuum cleaners.

Anyone with kids in the house, especially toddlers, is well aware of the mess they create. Households with children have a constant supply of wayward Doritos, cookies, cracker crumbs, pizza crusts, and a variety of other small remnants of food littering the floor. The usual solution is to power up the electric vacuum cleaner to address the problem, which in turn either pollutes our mother earth by burning fossil fuels, or exposes us to the inevitable radiation poisoning the local nuclear power plant will bring.

Butters and Zoe is my solution to that problem.

They may look like your garden variety Australian Shepherds, but in reality they are lean, mean, and green cleaning machines. Any bit of food that falls on the floor, no matter how minuscule, cannot escape them. They have a nose that can ferret out any food article, no matter where it is hidden, and long tongues that can reach under refrigerators and couches. Whenever a mess is made in the house we do not have to pull out the vacuum cleaner, we instead let loose our two dogs who make sure every single bit, crumb, and splatter of sauce is picked up and removed.

The best part of my green vacuum cleaners is that they are powered by eco-friendly bio-fuels. And their waste product is 100% biodegradable in addition to providing a totally natural and organic form of food and fertilizer for our backyard lawn and plants.

Instead of spending billions of dollars on new “green” technology, perhaps Obama should look into the technology we already have that is not being used properly, and will not cost the country another penny.

Besides, every home should have at least one dog.

2 thoughts on “Going Green”

  1. Eight carbon foot– er, paw prints.

    Nicely played, Alberto.

    Perhaps a few cows to ‘cut’ your lawn. And unlike the doggies, cows is tasty.

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