Havana’s man in Havana

Esteban Israel from Reuters is quickly becoming “Havana’s man in Havana.” This reporter has become quite adept at Castro-style propaganda, stealthily inserting in his news stories from Cuba one, two, or three Castro talking points.

No matter how ridiculous or bizarre the story, such as the news that the Cuban regime has created a video game for kids to teach them how to pay the regime taxes, Esteban Israel finds a way to plug the “advances of the revolution.”

Dubbed “Tributin,” or “Little Tax,” by its creators at the Superior Pedagogic Institute of Holguin, 455 miles east of Havana, the game is meant to support economic reforms by Fidel Castro’s brother, President Raul Castro, who is expanding Cuba’s tiny private sector. The game is expected to roll out in October.

Cuba’s new entrepreneurs are expected to pay between 25 and 50 percent in taxes, which the cash-strapped government will use to keep financing generous social programs.

Yes, of course, those “generous social programs” such as cradle-to-grave slavery, misery, poverty, hunger, despair, and lack of freedom. In addition, let us not forget the revolution’s most grandiose generous social program; brutal repression.

Congratulations Esteban Israel; you are truly “Havana’s man in Havana.”

1 thought on “Havana’s man in Havana”

  1. Is he by any chance competing with Anita Snow or it is with Lucia Newman [who has since moved on to Aljazeera News]? Or perhaps he’s trying to be the new Dan Rather or maybe he’s paying homage to Barbara Walters– legendary for her castro fart smelling abilities.

    There are so many former and present castro ass kissers out there, that it’s not easy to outdo them, unless–of course–one is extra obsequious and sycophantic.

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