Your Mexico/USA Border Travelogue

Just too much to choose from here:

Drug Catapult Found at U.S.-Mexico Border (Probably some kid’s high school physics class project …)

American Missionary Killed by Gunman in Mexico, Husband Says (Last thing they’re close to getting down there is ‘religion’ …)

San Diego: Illegal Alien of The Radical Muslim Cleric Kind (Booted out of Canada and found in the trunk of a car having just crossed the Mexico-US border.)

Iranian Book Celebrating Suicide Bombers Found in Arizona Desert (I’m sure it just fell off a plane, or something.)

Ain’t it sweet?

And not to be outdone, what’s the beef with Taco Bell?

I like Mexican food, real Mexican food. Haven’t been able to eat Taco Bell for several years now. There is an authentic Mexican food restaurant in my town (not that pre-fab Americanized slop) owned and operated by Mexican immigrants. If I get the hunger for something ‘south of the border’ I spend the extra bucks and go there.

And yes, they’re here legally. They boldly display a sign on their door stating such.