Tunisia ridding itself of a dictator

The citizens of Tunisia continue taking steps to rid themselves, once and for all, of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Tunisia announced Wednesday that it is seeking Interpol’s help to arrest ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, his wife and several of his relatives. Meanwhile, protesters continued to clash with police in the streets of Tunis.

Ben Ali, his wife Leila Trabelsi, and eight other family members, face accusations of illegal acquisition of assets and the transfer of funds into foreign accounts during Ben Ali’s 23 years in power, Justice Minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi said in a press conference.

Tunisian authorities announced that 33 members of Ben Ali’s family had already been arrested in the country.

The justice minister also said the head of Ben Ali’s presidential security force and five others were being investigated for instigating violence following his ouster.

The justice ministry’s announcement was intended “to reassure the population as to the government’s determination to break from the past”, FRANCE 24’s special envoy in Tunis, Pauline Simonet explained.

This is the type of article that we all hope we will be reading one day soon with Cuba as the country, and the Castro brothers and their thugs as the fugitives.

On a completely unrelated note, I find amazing the uncanny resemblance the despicable Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has to another despicable politician, the disgraced and booted-out-of-office cretin Alan Grayson.

zine el abidine ben ali
Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Alan Grayson

Coincidence? You make the call.

7 thoughts on “Tunisia ridding itself of a dictator”

  1. Rule of thumb: Never trust a guy who looks and dresses like a pimp. And I mean Ali, not Grayson, who looks like a schmuck (with eyes too small for his head, to boot).

  2. Prediction: Five years from now Tunisians will remember life under Ben Ali fondly and the U.S. will have Tunisia as another muslim enemy.

    Nasser replaced King Farouk

    Saddam (eventually) replaced Iraq’s King Faisal

    Kaddafi replaced King Idris.

    Mengistu replaced Haile Selassie

    Khomeini replaced The Shah

    The fall of the latter above were all preceeded by angry mobs and followed by jubilant mobs….decorum prevents me from broaching the same theme regarding Latin America.


  3. Well, they are being ousted under accusations of nation draining corruption; yet, are we to think that these dictators are being ousted before Kim Jung-Il or Castro because they are worst than such? Please, we all know that corrupts and dictators are many but few, very few, have been the dictators that have robbed and dragged their nations to the levels of economic ruin, pointless stagnation, and infrastructural destruction that Castro’s regime has. This putting aside the level of totalitarian oppression needed for such fraudulent national cancers to stay in power for more than half a century and counting, a totalitarian oppression only surpassed by the Taliban.

    That said, these people are not confronting and ousting these dictators because they are that bad, they are confronting and ousting them because they have the space to do so, a space not permitted in Cuba, North Korea, or any totalitarian state, something none of these nations are. These are mere authoritarian dictatorships, not totalitarian ones. When it is easy to shout many will, simple as that. It is not about who has more legitimate reasons to do so. Looking back at our own Cuban history, ousting a, granted, corrupt yet productive Batista during Cuba’s most prosperous years and after only 6 years in power was easy, right? Now, ousting the true slavish fraud and egotistical pest that was subsequently brought to the door in the name of “freedom” by useful dummies who had to manifest their spoiled kid tantrum against Batista because he made them feed meters every time they parked their new Buicks, not so easy right? Today their grandsons are lucky to even have a bicycle.

    That’s my point, who truly are these elements agitating and gaining ground in the name of “freedom”, more so, considering the part of the world of which we are talking. Let’s not be naive here, it’s been done and seen before time and time again. Also seen here, again, is the miserable, dirty, myopic, and moronic position of USA in not supporting, betraying, and abandoning its allies and friends all to indirectly favor opportunistic enemies like mere idiots. All because USA must always play out its pretensions of playing its cheap game of “morality” when the reality is that it has none. If USA is demonstrating anything, is that it is an unreliable backstabbing nation that stands for crap and is rather full of crap. Who the hell is going to believe USA’s moral condemnations of such moderate pro-western regimes when USA itself never did anything against them throughout their rule, all the contrary, plus continues to protect an even worst dictatorship like the one in Saudi Arabia, all because they have agreed to sell petroleum only accepting American currency, come on.

    Sorry but these nations are filled with costly and dictatorial elements far worst than the ones being ousted and attempted against, elements that the very USA hasn’t been able to defeat nor neutralize when taking the task. That’s if it even bothers to take the task. For such, it is very clear that these leaders, dictators or not, are pro-western moderates crucial against the spread of islamic elements. If they must go for something better, they must go, but not in this free for all power vacuum way. To see Obama talking about not supporting these men while already having two wars in the middle east is just a sad embarrassment.

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