Invest in Jagermeister

Our good friend Rick Robinson from the Daily Caller has a hilarious account of his SOTU night with friends. Here’s an excerpt:

Personally, I treat the State of the Union like a Super Bowl party, minus the beer commercials (although Joe Biden’s facial expressions are sometimes just as funny as the Budweiser talking lizards).

So on the night of the speech, I invited my buddies, Paul, Dave, and Pat over to my house to play the “SOTU Shot Game.” Every time President Obama said “investment,” we had to toss back a shot of Jagermeister.


9:06 – Obama announces that we’ve broken the back of the recession, which draws wild applause from a bunch of people on the House floor who apparently all have jobs.

9:07 – Controversy arises in the SOTU game when Dave refuses to do a shot because Obama said investment in the context of China. Paul convinces everyone it’s okay since Obama made a similar toast to President Hu at the While House last week.

9:10 – The president calls on Congress to vote America to prosperity. “Business needs to invest in research” … hold on … another round.

9:11 – The president calls on this generation of Americans to experience its “Sputnik moment” and announces that he’s going to launch Vice President Biden into orbit like a Russian space monkey.

This announcement is followed by thunderous applause and a five-minute standing ovation. Pat offers to invest in the rocket, forcing the rest of us to drink another shot.

9:16 – Another SOTU game controversy arises when the president uses “investment” twice in the same sentence. Dave expresses concern that we’ll run out of Jager before the end of the speech. In a compromise, Pat pours everyone just one shot each and I ask my wife to go out and invest in more Jager.

9:18 – Declaring fossil fuel to be a thing of the past, Obama says that America should raise gas prices to invest in wind-turbine automobiles.

9:20 – There was just some monologue about investing in education. I might be getting a little drunk, but I think he said that many illegal immigrants grew up as Americans.

9:25 – Congress needs to re-double its efforts to either get faster trains or faster Internet. I’m not quite sure which. Paul says its both, takes a shot and hurls. He’s out of the drinking game but still has a shot at the crying pool.

Read Rick’s entire account HERE.

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