Keep the “change”

Guillermo Fariñas and other Cuban dissidents get arrested by the Castro dictatorship for the third time in two days. If this is the monumental and historic “change” in the Castro regime they are talking about, they can keep it.

Havana – Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas was arrested for the third time in 48 hours on Friday, his family told the German Press Agency dpa.

‘They brought him home at 10 am and then arrested him again at 3 pm,’ his mother Alicia Hernandez said by telephone from her home in Santa Clara, 280 kilometres from Havana.

She said the police arrested Farinas and 20 other opposition activists in the street on their way to a lay a wreath at a memorial to national hero Jose Marti.

‘They only went two or three blocks. Then the police took them away and we are trying to find out which police station they are in,’ she said.

Here are photos of the real “change” that is going on in Cuba:

4 thoughts on “Keep the “change””

  1. How does Cuba allow these photos to be taken? And once they see them getting out, how do they not stop them from getting out in the future?

  2. Honey:

    The Castros know that the entire world is aware that they brutally oppress dissidents, and they also know that most of that world does not have the stomach to challenge them. Therefore, they do not expend much energy in controlling what gets out of Cuba. What they will never tolerate is that these photographs be disseminated within Cuba.

    They are not all that concerned with a world that for the past 52 years has had neither the courage nor the integrity to confront them, and they know they will never be toppled from the outside. The only ones who can bring down the Castro tyranny are the Cubans in Cuba, and that is where the regime has always concentrated its efforts in keeping them in check and uninformed.

    The whole Castro propaganda effort is for outside consumption and is nothing more than a marketing strategy to get more money from foreign governments and investors.

  3. Alberto,
    Thank you. I think I may have understood this, but sometimes I forget. This is a great insight and I wish more people understood it. Thanks.

  4. Honey, I think you should trust your instinct, as I do mine. Something smells fishy here. I’m not really disputing what Alberto said in response to your comment, in general terms, but in this case I’m very skeptical. First of all, Fariñas previously managed to make colonel in the armed forces of Castro, Inc. That alone is extremely suspect, and no, I will never ignore something like that, with anybody. There’s been an awful lot of suspiciously easy and conveniently media-ready activity, a lot of theatrics even. He (and others) signed a very questionable letter addressed to the US Congress. In these latest pictures, he looks like he’s posing or playacting; the whole thing feels staged. He’s also just made an exceedingly gauche comment about how there are efforts afoot to keep him from getting the Nobel Peace Prize. That is, at the very least, really bad form, and it sounds like a Freudian slip which hardly puts him in a good light. Again, I advise caution and restraint. I am absolutely not taking him at face value or jumping on his bandwagon.

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