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Capitol Hill Cubans has some appropriate words regarding the responsibility the U.S. has — as the freest nation on earth — to stand against tyranny and advocate for democracy in Egypt, and everywhere else in the world.

We Are All Egyptian

The only road to long-term peace is through freedom and democracy.

Thus, it’s in the best interests of the United States to stand — unquestionably — behind the democratic aspirations of all repressed people — from Cuba to Iran.

No country should be too economically important (China) or geo-strategically important (Egypt) for the U.S. to send mixed messages or distract from the fundamental cause of the world’s ills — tyranny.

3 thoughts on “Picture of the day”

  1. Its time to wake up and realize that Egypt will become worse than Cuba ever has been if Mubarek is removed. The Islamic Brotherhood will be the seed of WWIII. If we lose Egypt to the Muslim extremists you had better kiss the Suez Canal goodbye and with it the loss of the world’s oil supplies. The result will be total economic collapse and anarchy. There will no longer be an Arab ally and Israel will have no country to restrain the rest of the Mid-East nuts.
    The Capital Hill Cubans missed this one by a mile.

  2. Ditto pototo,

    I suspect Iran’s hand behind Egypt’s revolt.

    This may Obama’s equivalent of Jimmy Carter’s 1979 Iranian Revolution.

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