Zelaya: “I am not a double-agent!”

Mel Zelaya denies accounts that he acted as an agent for the U.S., as purported by diplomatic cables leaked by Wikileaks.

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says a leaked diplomatic document wrongly implies that he acted on behalf of the U.S. during negotiations on lifting Cuba’s suspension from the Organization of American States.

The June 2009 U.S. Embassy memo released by the WikiLeaks website says Zelaya pushed the ALBA bloc of leftist Latin American countries to accept a proposal that Cuba’s return be linked to democratic reform.

It says Zelaya “successfully pressured ALBA to accept our text.”

Zelaya condemned the implication that he was pushing the U.S. agenda, insisting in a statement Monday that his negotiations were “a totally Honduran initiative.”

I think what Mel meant to say was that his negotiations were “a totally Zelayan initiative,” but why quibble over semantics.

2 thoughts on “Zelaya: “I am not a double-agent!””

  1. He acted “on behalf of the U.S”–when the U.S. (Hillary, Valenzuela, etc.) were acting on behalf of Castro(to get him into the OAS, for reasons that defy logic)–the whole while Zelaya was acting on behalf of himself.

    All spy agencies should be blessed with such efficient “double-agents.”

    Here’s a genuine double-agent, Rolando Cubela:



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