Nobel Peace Prize Winner–Actually an Insufferably Intransigent Hard-Liner!


I will never get into a dialogue…while Mubarak is in power,” ElBaradei said. “Because all…you do is you…give that regime a legitimacy, which I… in my view, they have lost.” Mohamed ElBaradei on CBS via Capitol Hill Cubans

What an over-emotional hot-head! What proponent of “failed policies!” What an obstacle to moving the dialogue forward!…

“Revoke his Nobel Prize at once!” should be the battle-cry of all “Mid-East Experts.”

8 thoughts on “Nobel Peace Prize Winner–Actually an Insufferably Intransigent Hard-Liner!”

  1. Same old. Any Cuban who objects to dialogue or negotiation with Castro, Inc. is guaranteed recrimination and criticism from the usual suspects. It’s simply automatic. But no, El-Baradei will not be taken to task for his intransigence, just as nobody would have been criticized for refusing to negotiate or deal with South Africa’s Botha, Inc. People who traffic in this sort of hypocrisy and double-standard can simply kiss mys ass, because they’ve already kissed their credibility goodbye.

  2. haha, the first photo 🙂

    Does anyone know Miguel-Saavedra in th first photo? I’ve seen him around, but never met him.

  3. Even if Saavedra were just an opportunistic operator and media whore, he’d be treated very, VERY differently by the usual suspects if his cause was politically correct. If you don’t believe me, ask Al Sharpton.

  4. I’d buy Saavedra a cafecito if I ever ran into him …

    I remember a hilarious scene from a few years back on the news, where he chased some commie NANGARA in a Che-shirt down and threw his megaphone at him 🙂

  5. Saavedra always gets my vote for guts and an A for effort. Frankly, I like better the way he does it than the way others don’t.

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