BREAKING: Assassination attempt on Egypt’s VP

“Egypt VP Target of Assassination Attempt That Killed Two Bodyguards, Sources Tell Fox News.”

Nothing to worry us colonialists here. Seems like a perfectly normal people’s revolt with absolutely, positively no involvement whatsoever by that charitable organization the Muslim Brotherhood.



4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Assassination attempt on Egypt’s VP”

  1. Exactly George,

    For everyone who thinks that this is a “pure revolution” to remove a long term dictator.

    Wake the HELL UP!!!

    It is so obvious that there are forces working behind the scenes to turn Egypt into the next Iran and soon enough this fact will be in the open.

  2. Yes,

    The good, the bad and the ugly are demonstrating and jockeying for power in Egypt.

    What remains to be seen is whether the bad displaces the other two sides and ends up filling the power vacuum left by Mubarak’s exit as there is a very good opportunity for that scenario to materialize.

    I’m sure that the Iranians are salivating that opportunity and doing whatever is necessary to make it a reality.

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