Castro’s HIV Prisons

In a brutal and totalitarian dictatorship, there is no mercy, no compassion, and no help for the sick. There is only brutality and repression.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Castro’s HIV Prisons

Are there any limits to the cruelty of the Castro regime?

Yesterday, we posted an editorial on the tragic murder of 26 patients in a Cuban psychiatric hospital — due to starvation and medical negligence.

Today, Diario de Cuba exposes Castro’s five prison facilities for Cubans suffering from HIV-AIDS.

They are sent to these prisons under the draconian “Law Against Social Dangerousness — ironically, the same law under which Castro arrests political prisoners. (A good reminder for those normalization advocates that always talk about “respecting Cuban law.”)

At these facilities, they suffer from lack of medical care, hygiene, nutrition and all sorts of brutal abuse.

Needless to say, these prisons are not part of Castro’s health care “propaganda tours” for foreign visitors.

Here’s a picture of Castro’s Santa Clara HIV Prison, where over 235 “inmates” are held.

No wonder Castro refuses to allow the International Committee on the Red Cross and U.N.’s Special Rapporteur Against Torture to enter Cuba.

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