Cuban Prisoner of Conscience Release Update

I was able to speak to Ariel Sigler Amaya today regarding the news this morning that his brother, the political prisoner Guido Sigler Amaya, would be released from prison along with Angel Moya. Ariel explained to me that the news took them by surprise since no one from the Castro regime or the Catholic Church has been in touch with any of their family members in Cuba regarding this news.

Ariel found out about the proposed release of his brother when Radio Marti called him this morning for an interview that had been previously scheduled. The interview began with questions regarding his reaction to the news of his brother Guido and Angel Moya’s release, and Ariel had to admit that it was the first time he had heard the news.

After the interview, he called one of his brothers in Cuba, Juan Francisco Sigler Amaya, and broke the news to him. Juan Francisco was equally surprised to hear the news and confirmed that no one had contacted the family in Cuba to inform them of Guido’s pending release.

This news is being met with skepticism by the Sigler Amaya family since they have no confidence in the Castro dictatorship or the Catholic Church to say the truth or keep their word. In regards to reports that Guido would be leaving for the United States upon his release from prison, Ariel stated that Guido has never expressed to them his decision to leave Cuba. The only thing Guido has stated in reference to his decision to stay or leave, Ariel said,  is that once he is released and he is in own home, only then will he make a decision whether to stay in Cuba or come to the United States.

Ariel pointed out, however, that if Guido is released, his deteriorating health may force him to leave for the U.S. since the regime will not provide him with the medical attention and medications necessary for his recovery. Similar to the situation Ariel faced last year upon his own release, he surmised that if Guido were to stay in Cuba after his release it would in all probability cost him his life. The lack of medical attention and physical abuse Guido has endured in prison has done immeasurable harm to his body, and he may have no choice but to travel to the U.S. in order to save his own life.

As more information becomes available, we will keep you all posted.

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