Who is afraid of the big, bad Social Network?

A popular Facebook movement calling on all Cubans on and off the island to join together in a massive protest to rid the country of the Castro tyranny has garnered much media attention. Most of that attention, however, is focused on how the social network inspired uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt would never work in Cuba, and how this movement aimed at Cuba’s Castro dictatorship “are not getting any support in Cuba.”

This pessimistic assessment is apparently not shared by the Castro regime, who on a state-run website is desperately calling on the party faithful to “counteract this dirty provocation.”

Each of us should use all the means at our disposition to counteract this dirty provocation. Cuba is not Egypt. Here the unconditional support of the government prevails. Long live the Cuban revolution! Long live the dignified Cuban people and their sacred desires for peace and true liberty!

Alienated by the desperation and frustration before the permanence of the Cuban revolution, supported by all the people and in an honest process of being perfected to solve the difficulties of its socialist model, a group of mercenaries out of Miami and Spain launched a dirty provocation on Facebook on January 26, 2011, named “For a popular uprising in Cuba.” Immediately, as expected, they received support from important media sources with the aim of amplifying their effect and to contribute to their distortion of the Cuban reality.

Apparently devised in Spain, the fallacious campaign was started by two little known and unimportant bloggers named Joel Garcia and Frank Prieto. Said campaign, however, has echoed among the terrorist groups in Miami and their employees dispersed throughout Europe.

Today, the libelous anti-Cuban mafia in Miami published an article written by the reactionary hack Juan O. Tamayo in which he praises the provocation. In the article, the journalist states: “With the hope of bringing to Cuba the type of anti-government protests that are shaking Egypt at this moment, a group in Facebook, created by exiles is making a call for a ‘popular uprising,’ although they have not received support from dissidents on the island.”

Who is afraid of the big, bad Social Network? It seems obvious the Castro regime is. Contrary to the analysis being put forth by the media that this movement is dead in the water, the Castro regime seems to be terrified of it, which is all the more reason to continue helping it grow.

If you have not joined yet, please do so HERE.

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