Penalty Sought by Castro Regime Unjustifiably Harsh


For Immediate Release

February 4, 2011

Congressman Rivera Says Penalty Sought by Castro Regime Unjustifiably Harsh

Calls on White House to Rescind Decision to Lift Sanctions

Miami, Fla.- There are reports from Cuban state-controlled media that Cuban prosecutors are seeking a 20-year jail term for American contractor Alan Gross.  Gross, an American citizen, has been imprisoned by the Castro dictatorship without access to legal representation or a proper trial since December of 2009 when he was on the island providing satellite phones and internet access for Jewish groups.

Congressman David Rivera (FL-25) released the following statement regarding the situation:

“Last month, the White House eased regulations on travel and remittances to Cuba, and the Castro dictatorship has responded by seeking unjustifiably harsh penalties against an American citizen.  The situation with Alan Gross demonstrates the futility of making unilateral concessions to the Castro dictatorship, and shows that the Castro regime has no respect for civil liberties, human rights or due process of law. I call on President Obama to immediately rescind his recent decision lifting sanctions on the Castro dictatorship in response to this unwarranted action against an American citizen.”