Controlling the Uncontrollable

From the beginning, the Castro dictatorship has had an innate and terrorizing fear of the uncontrollable. It is then no surprise that when the Castro mafia took power, they immediately moved to shut down all behavior they could not control, such as speech and expression. For more than five decades they have done a relatively efficient job of stifling most if not all forms of expression in Cuba, but things are beginning to get more difficult for them.

The recent apparent leaking of a video documenting a conference in Cuba attended by high-ranking officials of Cuba’s main arm of repression, the Ministry of the Interior, shows how terrorized and worried the regime is over new technology such as internet access and social networks. These technologies strike at the heart of the regime’s stranglehold on information and expression, allowing Cubans to bypass the regime’s filters and blocks and communicate with the outside world. Information and the dissemination of information is the mortal enemy of the Castro dictatorship, and you can rest assured that they will do whatever it takes to arrest and stop its proliferation.

There are some that have posited that this video was leaked by the regime itself, looking to justify its actions against American aid worker Alan Gross in the court of public opinion. There are others who believe this was a true leak, a real breakdown in security, and the regime is desperately trying to explain its way out of this apparent blow to their vaunted security apparatus. In the end, it matters little how the video became public since it does not really say anything most of us did not already know, which is the fear the regime has of things it cannot control. It is terrified of allowing its citizens the ability to communicate freely with the outside world because they are fully aware this is the one thing that can bring them down in an instant.

The Castro dictatorship’s fears are obvious, and the speaker highlighted in the video, Eduardo Fontes, inadvertently illustrates that fear and terror perfectly. The question we should all be asking is how much longer can the regime continue to control the uncontrollable.