First Rubio–now Cardenas (We’re on a Rolllll!)


Alberto Cardenas, who escaped from communist Cuba when he was 12, was elected Wednesday as the new chairman of the American Conservative Union, the first change at the top of the prominent conservative organization in more than a quarter-century.

Mr. Cardenas, a prominent Miami lawyer and a former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, also becomes the first Hispanic to lead a major national conservative organization.

“I’m honored and humbled to be accorded this responsibility by an ACU board whose members, in many cases, were movement conservatives before I was and who dedicated their lives to the Founding Fathers’ principles of limited government, self-reliance and personal freedom,” Mr. Cardenas said.

Entire story here at The Washington Times.

6 thoughts on “First Rubio–now Cardenas (We’re on a Rolllll!)”

  1. Nothing in the article I have linked makes me happy.

    Any conservative involved in defending the David J. Stern mess is not doing America any favors.
    The fraud at Fannie Mae is unbelieveable. Was there any indication that Alberto Cardenas did anything to stop it?

    “Both Cardenas and Stern have longstanding connections with mortgage giant Fannie Mae. Cardenas served on Fannie’s board of directors from 1985 to 1990, then worked as a lobbyist for the firm well into the presidency of George W. Bush. Fannie Mae named Stern to its exclusive attorney network in 1998 — a lucrative position that helped Stern land an enormous amount of foreclosure processing business. Fannie named Stern “Attorney of the Year” in both 1998 and 1999. Calls to the ACU to determine what work, if any, Cardenas did for Stern, were not returned”

    Republican leaders ,by their failure to stop the fraud in the mortgage industry, are (IMO) handing the Democrats the entire mortgage mess as a campaign issue.

  2. wascally,

    I have a couple of issues with your insinuation. First, there’s the guilt by association thing. Just because Cardenas has a connection to Fannie Mae as does Stern, it cannot be taken as proof of collusion.

    Second, in this country, every scumbag is entitled to proper legal counsel of their choice. if I were in his shoes, I damn well would choose a law firm with first hand experience with the Fannie Mae processes.

    Third, you link to an article that is based on a blog post at Huffington Post, which is based on a blog post at Mother Jones. Neither of these two entities is known for their outstanding journalistic practices and unbiased “reporting”.

    And finally, the Democrats will come nowhere near the mortgage mess during campaign season and as proof I offer you the latest midterms, where the mortgage crisis wasnt even mentioned in any race. The Dems are well aware that they caused the mortgage problem and thereby own it.

    • Wacally, you’re a conservative? Linking to a Huff Post/Mother Jones article? Don’t think so, but nice try, anyway. Using your very flawed logic, we could tie the Fannie/Freddie albatross around the necks of at least two dozen Dems. Just sayin’…

  3. “Neither of these two entities is known for their outstanding journalistic practices and unbiased “reporting”.”

    If there were entities other than the Huff Post/Mother Jones entities reporting the facts concerning Alberto Cardenas, they could be used as sources, however there appear to be none.
    Just what facts about Alberto Cardenas did the Article get wrong?

    According to facts available to the general public, AOL thought Huff Post was worth 315 million, yet we still have conservatives claiming they have no value and should not be used as sources.Yet conservatives seem to believe that sources such as the NYTs, publish believable info.

    “The New York Times’ affair with false reporting on behalf of totalitarianism is far more serious than than Jayson Blair’s plagiarisms and fabrications in various stories in 2002-03, or even last year’s admission that the daily newspaper’s reporters had committed three different instances of plagiarism (plus an instance where they republished a complete fabrication). ”

    Of course, scumbags are entitled to the best defense they can buy, but that doesn’t mean that Conservatives have to sell to them.

    IMO, Democrats should be totally blamed for every bit of the fraud at Fannie Mae, having Republicans defending them means that neither Party intends to stop the fraud.

    • “Yet conservatives seem to believe that sources such as the NYTs, publish believable info.” Wascally, what fucking universe do you live in? It ain’t this one, that’s for sure.

  4. wascally,

    you are so off cue about conservatives and the NYTs it isnt even funny. A brief search through our archives with regards to same will prove my point.

    With regards to HuffPo and Mother Jones getting facts wrong, I am not privy to all the info on Cardenas, however, I do know when a story is being skewed and tailored to meet the narrative. HuffPo and MJ are perhaps the best at it and this piece is no exception.

    As for Republicans defending the Fannie mae corruption, that is a huge stretch, as Republicans are the ones trying to bring the whole fiasco to light. Moreover, it is even more of a stretch to say that a party as a whole is involved in something when the reality is that a partner in a law firm that has one known republican partner is defending a client.

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