Pedro Argüelles Morán ends his hunger strike

Cuban prisoner of conscience Pedro Argüelles Morán has ended his hunger strike.

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Cuba political prisoner Pedro Argüelles ends hunger strike

Arguellesmoranp_081209 Pedro Argüelles Morán

Imprisoned Cuban journalist Pedro Argüelles Morán today ended a hunger strike after a government official promised him that he and other political prisoners covered by a deal for their release would soon be freed, according to Radio Martí.

Argüelles should not be begrudged for his decision, but if that is a promise that is kept, that would be a surprise. After all, the governement — through its spokesman, Cardinal Jaime Ortega — has been promising that despite many missed deadlines, the remaining Group of 75 prisoners still in jail would be released.

Argüelles started his protest last week as an act of solidarity with fellow prisoner Diosdado González and his wife Alejandrina García, who went on hunger strike to force his release.

The couple ended their protest earlier this week.