Canadian tour operator selling the “Cuban Experience”

Really. Can you get anymore insulting, degrading, cruel, apathetic, or condescending as this?

Canadian hopes to sell Cuban experience

HAVANA – Want a taste of reform in communist Cuba?

A Canadian tour-operator said Thursday it was offering a full immersion in the transformations reshaping one of the world’s last Soviet-style economies.

Toronto-based Gap Adventures says it will embed clients with Cuban families to experience first-hand President Raul Castro’s attempt to overhaul the island’s sluggish economy.

Tourists will have the opportunity to share Cubans’ expectations about the expansion of the private sector as well as their fears regarding the government’s plan to slash 500,000 jobs in the public sector.

“Our guides know a lot about their history and what it means to see Cuba changing. Travellers will meet plenty of people in Cuba who will share their thoughts,” said Leah Griffin, Gap’s destination manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

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