Iran Revolution Take 2

The MSM needs to understand, Iran hasn’t “joined the protests”. Iran started the protests over a year and a half ago …


You and the Obama Administration just didn’t give two figs.

“Death To dictators!”

(Graphic) Iranian protesters grab a member of the regime’s Basij militia and gives him payback for 2009

BBC News: Iran police fire tear gas at opposition rally in Tehran

Reuters: Iran opposition protests, agency reports shooting

Obama sends Hillary out:

3 thoughts on “Iran Revolution Take 2”

  1. Well, at least she is saying the right things now, a little late. And I can hear the mullahs of Iran saying, “oooh, we’re so scared.”

  2. A pretend Secretary of State for a pretend president. It’s beyond pitiful and disgraceful. It’s insane. There is no excuse for having such people in such positions, or rather, there is no excuse for irrational, irresponsible, unfit voters. They should just give Madonna Hillary’s job and be done with it. She might actually be an improvement.

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