Welcome to “freedom”

As I mentioned in a previous post today, regardless of where you reside under the rule of the Castro dictatorship, you are never free. Angel Moya Acosta and Hector Maseda Gutierrez received a homecoming of sorts from the regime, welcoming them to their new “freedom.”

The welcome wagon came in the form of a regime ordered act of repudiation where mobs violently pushed and manhandled Maseda, Moya, their wives, and supporters, and mercilessly threw stones at them.

Via Café Fuerte (my translation):

Berta Soler, Héctor Maseda y Laura Pollán confront an "act of repudiation" in Alamar, Feb. 12, 2011. Reuters.

An act repudiation against dissidents Héctor Maseda and Angel Moya in Alamar. AP
Political prisoners Hector Maseda and Angel Moya, sentenced to 20 years in the Cause of the 75, began to confront the violence of pro-government mobs only hours after being set free by Cuban authorities.

According to reports from the blogger Yoani Sanchez in Havana, both dissidents were accosted by a repudiation rally in the Havana neighborhood of Alamar, where Moya and his wife Berta Soler reside.

Maseda and his wife Laura Pollan, leader of the Ladies in White, had traveled to Alamar on Saturday afternoon to visit Moya.

“Maseda and Pollan were pushed around and stoned,” Sanchez wrote on a Twitter message.

The surprising liberation of Moya and Maseda came about on Saturday after both had refused at first to leave prison under the conditions imposed by the Cuban government.

“I left prison against my will, I was obligated because I never accepted anything that was not a pardon or unconditional liberty. But they have by forced imposed upon me parole,” Maseda said from his house in Central Havana.