EDITED – Dominoes: Libya and Last Bullets


Edited with a correction in the photo ID below.

UPDATES @ AJELive on Twitter … One in particular shows how ‘differently’ some regimes handle dissent:

#AlJazeera guest reports that injured protesters arriving at #Tripoli hospitals are being killed by pro-gov forces #Libya

The son of Libya’s leader Moammar Qaddafi has vowed, in the midst of the civil unrest and protests in their country, to fight to the last bullet in what he says will be a civil war. Qaddafi has set his military and police on the people in the streets, and has used his internet ‘kill switch’ (sorta kinda like Obama wants … just in case, you know) … Which has the military doubting it’s loyalty to the government and has troop units defecting and joining the civilians in the streets. And a tribe is using a financial chip threatening to hold-up oil exports to the West in order to pressure authorities to halt the violence on the protesting Lybian people in the streets. Then there’s this, reports are Qadaffi has left the country for Brazil or Venezuela as two top Lybian envoys join the protests. Don’t look too good for Mo: “Libya Islamists ‘seize arms, take hostages’” … Oh, SCHNIKEYS! I wonder if old Mo has a coma prognosis in his near future?

Wobbling Domino:

I am told Turkey is more important than Saudi Arabia in that part of the world. Saudi Arabia has had a very dirty hand in promoting radical Islam through Wahhabi schools and teachings, and continue to be in denial even while they themselves fear this rolling fire may be heading their way too. Turkey has proven throughout the last century to have been the most successfully secular of the Muslim countries. Recently the government and the Turkish military seem to be developing a fissure between each other … the government leadership looking to head into an Islamic rule, while the military is determined to keep Turkey as a secular government. The pressure in Turkey has been growing. The government has arrested Army officers, resulting in protests there. However, for all the push to have Turkey accepted into the now haggard EU Turkey made compromises that may have signed its fate in the region:

Thousands of Turks, including the wives of defendants charged with trying to topple the government, marched to the tomb of the founder of modern Turkey on Saturday to protest at the arrests of army officers.

More than 150 active and retired military officers are in jail during hearings in the so-called Sledgehammer trial, at which prosecutors say they planned to overthrow in 2003 Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AK Party, which traces its roots to a banned movement.

The military leadership denies any coup plots.

Some 3,000 people gathered in a heavy rain at Anitkabir, the sprawling tomb of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a former officer who led Turkey to independence after World War I, founded the secular republic in 1923 and served as its first president.

They carried flags and shouted “Turkey is secular and will stay secular” and “The army and the people are hand in hand.”

Nilufer Cetin told Rooters her husband, an admiral, had been jugged three times in Sledgehammer, most recently last week.

“We want our voices to be heard, we are the victims here,” she said. “Our country is being victimized.”

Separately, Turkey’s top general Isik Kosaner, accompanied by the commanders of the army, navy and air force, spent 3-1/2 hours at the Hasdal Military Prison near Istanbul on Friday meeting 120 defendants charged in Sledgehammer, NTV news channel reported.

The military is Turkey’s self-proclaimed protector of secularism in a country that is 99.9 percent Mohammedan. Generals have toppled three governments since 1960 and pressured a fourth, Turkey’s first Islamist-led, to quit in 1997.

But European Union-inspired reforms have curbed the military’s influence and generals only occasionally interfere in domestic politics. Erdogan says he is not an Islamist and the AK Party is a centre-right political grouping. […]

Apparently the Turkish version of a constitution had a provision in it that allowed for a military coup of the country should said military deem the country was ‘fundamentally transforming’ from secular to Islamic. But thanks to the EU … Well, you know how well that whole “EU thing” worked out for Europe. Feh …

EDIT: (Turkey’s) Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) … (H/T to a Babalu reader for spotting the mix-up — Maggie 2/23/11)

On a footnote, during last summer’s ‘peace flotilla’ fiasco with Israel, the Turkish-Israeli diplomatic relationship was very strained, almost to the point of possible military conflict between the two countries. But it was the two countries’ militaries that stayed in direct contact, maintaining open communications and ‘peace’.

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  1. And where President Obama stands on this issue? Nowhere to be found.

    I feel so sad for the Libyan people because unlike the Egyptian Army, Khadafy’s will massacre the people.

  2. Qaddafi is a scum of the earth, nothing more but rutgless dictator. The people of Libya just like the Egyptians has the right to freedom and the government they choose, whatever it might be. Hence ,those talking about islamists taking control should shut up because if this will be the choice of the mayority so be it and personally I doubt it.Those are young people protesting and they have more in common with western civilizacion than radical islam.

  3. Ditto Maqggie,

    “Hence ,those talking about islamists taking control should shut up because if this will be the choice of the mayority so be it ”

    Tell this to the Iranian people. Look what happened to their revolution to overthrow the Shah in 1979 and where they’re today.

    I certainly won’t shut-up because I still remember the history lesson of 31 years ago…

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