Cuba stands up for its Sugar Daddy

Cuba is standing up to the OAS in defense of its sugar daddy, Venezuela. In one of those bizarre moments in OAS history, the useless chief of the useless OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza, is asking Venezuela to allow an international investigation into human rights abuses in that country. In response, the simian prince Chavez is squealing like a nervous chimpanzee, demanding that the OAS not meddle in his country’s domestic affairs. And naturally, the Castro dictatorship is more than happy to come to the defense of a fellow leftist tyrant.

Venezuela’s allies tell OAS chief not to meddle

CARACAS, Venezuela — Latin American allies came to the defense of President Hugo Chavez’s government on Saturday, telling the head of the Organization of American States not to meddle in Venezuela’s domestic affairs.

Nations belonging to a left-leaning bloc led by Venezuela and Cuba accused OAS chief Jose Miguel Insulza of being a pawn of the U.S. government, which has urged Chavez’s administration to allow an international investigation into alleged human rights abuses.

Dozens of Venezuelan students participating in a hunger strike are demanding that Insulza look into their allegations that the government improperly uses judges and prosecutors to persecute Chavez’s political adversaries.

“We demand that the secretary-general of the OAS stop his attacks against Venezuela’s government,” members of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Nations of Our America, or ALBA, said in a joint statement.

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