The Real Cuba: Do NOT Accept Imitations

From our family at The Real Cuba Blog:

You can tell that it hurts them

22. February 2011 10:02

Feb. 22 – Since we started this website in 2005 to let the world know about the real Cuba, we have been victimized by all kind of virus, denial of service attacks and hacking attempts.

Most of them have originated in Cuba and in the last few months they also have originated in Cuba’s colony, known as Cubazuela.

But in addition to everything they have done to try to prevent us from showing the reality of Cuba under Castro, the Cuban regime is now trying to create confusion while at the same time taking advantage of our success.
They have created a blog called: realcuba using WordPress where they are posting the same garbage that the Cuban people are forced to read in Granma, except that it is in English, not Spanish.

So, in the future, when you tell a friend to visit our website or our blog, make sure that you give them the correct addresses.



Please copy them and keep them handy.


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