Looney Tunes: Muamartyr Qadaffy Duck


Rush Limbaugh today said something I’ve been thinking about for years now … Exactly what the heck is the correct spelling of Qaddaffi’s last name? I’m looking at several articles right now to put this post together and there are at least three different spellings (and variations of those) … Quadaffi, Kaddafi, Gaddafhi, Qaddaffi? Limbaugh says he refuses to use the man’s last name until somebody tells him which it is.

So, the mean old woman came out on Libyan TV today from inside the still destroyed building the then Pres. Ronald Reagan had ordered bombed many crescent moons ago. Here is Mo’s State of My Libya Address from today, but I really don’t recommend watching … Well, okay, if you insist, but he’s really let himself go, physically and mentally. If you don’t want to watch let me give you the best parts: All those protestors in the streets of Libya are just young punks on dope (or something), and he’s not going anywhere but staying in Libya to die as a martyr with his last drop of blood. Okay, but only if you promise to join the bodies the slaughtered lying in the streets of Libya, Mo.

That’s a positive because the Muslem Brotherhood’s Jewel of The Nile cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi has issued a fatwa for Mo to be killed, and this way they won’t have to go looking in Cuba or Venezuela for him. Carbon footprints and all, ya know. Well, hey, at least one “leader” is addressing the issue. Obama seems to have lost his tongue to the union fat cats he’s busied himself with. Instead it’s all Hillary Clinton’s ball to drop.

You have to ponder Obama’s deafening silence, however. I mean, compared to how Mubarak handled the protests in Cairo his alleged thugs have nothing on the fury Qaddaffi has let loose on the Libyan people protesting in the streets. Word tonight is that The Times of London has obtained raw and horrific video proof of ‘heavy’ military weapons use on the unarmed protestors. And while we’ve been concerned the tribal areas would be the ones interrupting the oil flow out of Libya, Qaddaffi will not be outdone and has plans to “Sabotage Oil and Sow Chaos“.

6 thoughts on “Looney Tunes: Muamartyr Qadaffy Duck”

  1. Qadaffy will kill a lot of innocent people in Libya before that nightmare is over but I suspect that sooner or later either the mobs or one of his own guards will clean his clock as I sense the noose is tying around his lunatic neck.

    As his Army continue defecting to the protesters is just a matter of time for Qadaffy to pay for his many sins. The clock is ticking as his appointment with Lucifer is getting closer.

  2. Loony Daffy is giving us a preview of what Queen Raul would attempt and/or plans to do if presented with a similar scenario. And don’t you all love the bombastic, WAY over-the-top bullshit rhetoric coming out of this vomit-inducing freak?

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