Report on repression from Cuba

As the day in which Cuba’s opposition is planning to peacefully march on the streets in commemoration of the death of the Cuban martyr Orlando Zapata Tamayo, the Castro dictatorship has put their repressive machinery into high gear. State Security has swept the island and has detained dozens of activists in an effort to stop them from peacefully demonstrating.

Below is a report on the repression direct from Cuba:

La Habana

On February 21st, Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo began a “Zapata Vive” march in the afternoon with 6 other dissidents in the Rio Verde neighborhood. They walked 100 meters before State Security began their vigilance.

Yuniel Larena was on his way to the office of U.S. Interests at 8 am on February 22nd when he was intercepted by 3 plainclothes agents of State Security in an unmarked car. He was taken to a station of the National Revolutionary Police and questioned for three hours. He was told that he was under surveilance by government authorities and if he engaged in any activities he would be arrested and held until at least the 25th.

Yasmani Nicles Abad and Yadira Rodríguez Bombino report that their home in the municipality of San Miguel del Padron in Havana is surrounded.


In Matanzas, ex-political prisoner Benito Ortega Suárez has officials from State Security at his house screaming at him and attempting to provoke him.

The headquarter of the Movimiento Acción Alternativa, the home of the Sigler Amaya brothers, there is a constant police presence, and in the municipality of Cardenas, activist Eduardo Pacheco Ortiz has his home surrounded by 10 paramilitary members of State Security.

Also in Cárdenas, at Playa Larga, activist Leticia Ramos Herrería has her house surrounded and it has been impossible to get in contact with her.

Villa Clara

In Placetas, Villa Clara, the home of Jorge Luis García Pérez “Antúnez” is surrounded and no one is permitted to enter or leave the residence.

The homes of  Frank Reyes López and Yunieski García López, and an operation in the Plaza Che Guevara of Santa Clara, Villa Clara are surrounded by personnel from State Security, the National Revolutionary Police, and the Brigades of Rapid Response. The same siege is occurring at the homes of Félix Reyes Gutiérrez and Carlos Michael Rodríguez Morales in Ranchuelo.


In Cienfuegos Miguel Carmenate Batista (70) was detained in the area of Prado when he was on his way to the home of Alejandro Tur Valladares.


In Sibanicú, Camagüey, in the Terminal of Ómanibus, Yordan Marrero Vueltas was detained. He had in his possession a bus ticket to Banes, Holguín.

At 10 pm on the 21st, around the home of Roberto Marrero La Rosa in Camagüey, at the park Méndez there were police cruisers and near his home a truck was discovered with more than a dozen bulletproof vests. Several persons have remained surrounding his house. Activist Santos Fernández was visited on the morning of the 21st and threatened with having his license to sell food revoked if he continued to visit the home of Roberto Marrero.


The homes of Reina Luisa Tamayo Dánger and the rest of the members of the opposition continue to be under siege in Banes, Holguín.

At approximately 8:30 am on the 21st, Edilberto Artorio Leyva and Juan Sacarias Verdecia Torres were detained in Holguin, in the Hilda Torres neighborhood while on their way to the home of Caridad Caballero Batista.

Robier Cruz Campos was detained at the entrance of Julio César Ramos Curbelo’s home on the 21st at 6pm and is being held at the Penal Processing Center in Holguín.

Jorge Luis Claro Galván was detained in  Gibara on February 22nd. He is on a hunger strike and his mother’s home is surrounded in that municipality. Her name is Caridad Galván Velázquez.

Detained in the municipality of Cacocum after being arrested in Holguín and deported: Franklin Peregrino del Toro and Bertha Guerrero Segura.

Detained in their homes in Holguín: Roberto Martínez Perdomo, María Antonia Hidalgo Mir, José Ramón Pupo Nieves, Marlene Pupo Font, Fidel García Roldán, Elsa García Roldán, José Escobar Santos, Juan Carlos Reyes Ocaña, Julio César Ramos Curbelo, Lybia Hernández Pérez.


Besieged in the city of Bayamo, Granma: Armando Pacheco Rodríguez, Léster Lora Carbonel, Yordanis Rodríguez, Luis Antonio Santí Soto and Francisco Juan Reyes Benítez, according to Yoandri  Montoya.

In Manzanillo, Granma, the following homes have been surrounded: Tania de la Torre Montesinos, Ubaldo León León and Leonardo Cancio Santana.

Santiago de Cuba

At 10am on the 21st in Palma Soriano, 20 members of the Unidad de Enfrentamiento protested the harassment to which they were being submitted. Among them the following: Carlos Alberto Reyes Casanova, Yuleisy Garcés Nápoles, Rafael Cabrera Montoya, Julio César Valcárcel Ballester, Agustín Alonso Parada, Juan Batista Falcón, Reynaldo Rodríguez Martínez, Marino Anto Machín, José Enrique Ferrer Bejerano, Juan Carlos Figueroa Cala, Miguel  Rodríguez Montoya, Carlos Manuel Casanova. From those detained, 4 were taken to Santiago and two from the Enfrentamiento.

Guillemo Espinosa, Reinier Arocha and Guillermo Cobas were arrested at 11:30 am at the home of Idarmis Nuñez Reinosa in Santiago.

On Saturday, February 19th, at the Céspedes de Santiago de Cuba park, in front of city hall, 5 opposition members congregated with two signs, which read: “Zapata Vive.” Another had 4 large photographs of the Brothers to the Rescue victims and 5 small photos of the 5 Cuban spies in U.S. prison with a sign that read: “The 5 will return when the 4 return.” Numerous spectators congregated and State Security removed them. All were detained and Idarmis Núnez Reynoso, who reported the news was released on February 21st, spending those days on a hunger strike.

Several came to the home of  Idarmis Núñez Reynoso in Santiago but were not allowed to enter and were detained. The activists detained were: Guillermo Espinosa, Reynier Arocha and Guillermo Cobas Reyes. This took place at the building where Idarmis resides in the Abel Santamaría neighborhood. Neighbors were required to produce identification in order to enter and leave the building.

On the Palma Avenue, in an area known as El Hoyo in Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, signs appeared on the morning of the 22nd saying “Down with Fidel” and “Down with Communism.”


On the afternoon of the 21st at the Central Park in Baracoa, the following were detained: Francisar Luis Manzanet Ortiz, Annis Sarriba Romero (Moa), Maritza Cardosa Romero (Moa),  Juan Carlos Vázaquez Osorio (Moa), and all remain in custody.

From Caimanera, Guantánamo, Eliexei Aranda Matos reports that at the 3 controlled entry/exit points of the city, there is a list of names of activists and opposition members who are not allowed to leave the city. The following are being prohibited from leaving the city: Elisa Milagros Reiner Acosta, Yissel Flores Lobaina, Yameisis Curbelo Aguilera, Yeris Curbelo Aguilera, Ernesto Carrera Moreno, Yurisán Alfonso Córdova, Roberto Pérez Alfonso, Rafael Pérez Caballero, María Alfonso Córdova y Ricardo Pelier Frómeta (he was detained when he attempted to leave). A police mobilization is seen in the city with high-ranking agents present.

This information was gathered by: Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique and Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello

Havana, 22nd of February, 2011.

Time: 7 pm

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