Toy Soldiers


Step by step
Heart to heart
Left, right, left
We all fall down
Like toy soldiers

Oh my. The General is closer and closer with each passing minute to losing his military support, in addition to at least half the country of Libya as the bodies continue to pile-up. I wonder where his son is because I would imagine one of the Libyan officers has that “last bullet” saved for him. Sure hope it’s a silver one.

Meanwhile (yeah, it’s sorta kinda like a sick comic book these days) Sec. Clinton’s State Department is having a really tough time getting hundreds of frightened Americans out of Libya (looking to use “boats”). And Turkey has started their biggest evacuation in history of their 25,000 citizens from Libya, along with other nations.

Turn the page: An ex-minister of Libya is now saying Qadaffi ordered the bombing of the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 that killed 270, including many Americans. Recently there was a shady deal that went down in Scotland that had convicted bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi released back to Libya because he was within moments of dying … The same ex-minister says the Libyan leader has for years been trying to hide his hand in the bombing by working on getting the bomber out of Scotland. Hmmm …

And it’s getting REALLY nasty and messy now. The U.N. Security Council has issued a press statement condemning the Libyan regime’s violence against civilians. (Mo, if you’ve lost the U. friggin’ N., dude …) At this point, given the U.N.’s history, I’m not even sure that measures up to “wet noodle” strength. But party on, U.N. Security Council. Protect the world from those evil bloody Israelis … and thank you for that. Peaceful family dwellings kill, ya know. How can we ever begin to repay you.

Now for the back cover of this comic book, you know, like the back of the Mad Magazine where you see a picture-in-a-picture when you do that foldy-trick-thing …

Since the success of the ‘revolution’ in Egypt things are moving along quite nicely. Yes, I know, it IS a small percentage … but for some reason that small percentage sets the tone and rules the world over there.

Think Obama and the world would notice if we got a nice-sized and equipped militia together and stormed the beaches of Cuba right now? I mean, they all seem so ignorant to exactly what is going on over on the far side of the world right now. Maybe they’re all too busy doing their tax returns with Tim Geithner.

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8 thoughts on “Toy Soldiers”

  1. I’m pretty sure your right about that bullet. This maniac won’t make it very much longer.

    BTW..Great 80’s Martika song. Now that I’ve started to hum that tune, I can’t get it outta my head!..:0

  2. The guy is clearly NOT right in the head, and I’m not even talking politics. It couldn’t be more blatantly obvious. Yet he’s been in power for, what, 40 years or so? Go figure. I’m quite sure he ordered the Lockerbie massacre, among many other things. Way to go, Great Britain. Of course he’s considered bad news NOW, but what about all those years previously? Things are so fucked up it’s incredible.

  3. “Qadaffi looks like Santana dressed up like Michael Jackson during a visit to England!”



    I find very disturbing that the Western powers intelligence services never put a bullet in this maniac’s head as he should have been taken care off a long time ago.

    Other than that bomb that landed near his tent in the raid authorized years ago by President Reagan, Qadaffi has gotten away with so much murder that defies logic. I think this will change very soon because his time is up.

    I’m waiting for the picture of his copse hanging upside down, that’s coming soon.

  4. So what’s with the chubbette in uniform? I remember hearing something about Daffy having a female guard corps. Well, at least the creepozoid wasn’t into little boys (as far as I know).

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