All Are Born From The Muslim Brotherhood

From youtube – Feb 16, 2011:

Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian terrorist, on the 700 Club where he discusses everything from the Muslim Brotherhood to how the Middle East (both Sunni and Shia) will unite over the next few years in false peace as they prepare to fight Israel. […]

At 5:54 Shoebat discusses what I said earlier in the week about the Turkish military being the guardian of a secular government in Turkey and how, due to changes, in the policies and the Turkish constitution (but he doesn’t go completely into the EU’s influence and pressure in that area) the military cannot suppress the Islamist influences in the government anymore.

He then goes into prophecy in the Middle East, but there are striking parallels to current events therein. Very interesting.

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  1. Maggie, know your sources. This man is a fraud. 

    [Links deleted by editor who is dumbfounded by this commenter’s blind acceptance of Muslim propaganda.]

    Just about every comment in his interview with Robertson was either false, a wild assumption or batshit insane talk.

  2. jsb –

    Thank you so much for providing me truth from such sources as Media Matters and Dawud Walid, the Executive Director of the Michigan chapter of CAIR.

    I am the wiser now and trust their impeccable history of honesty.

  3. jsb

    First, the JPost link you offered (in your original comment) redirected to the fromt page of the current JPost feed. So I googled the first sentence from the article on the CAIR site and found what presented as the original JPost article, but oddly was one long run-on paragraph. (Perhaps it’s how things get archived on JPost, I don’t know).

    Anyhow, I read the JPost piece twice. It’s really inconclusive, relying on hearsay, mostly from estranged relatives still in the Palestinian area and looking not to bring any negative attention to themselves. There seems to be some snarling about Shoebat’s fundraising website. But given CAIR’s own history of fundraising for terror groups in the Middle East I find it a bit presumptuous and unseemly of them to insinuate his fundraising is somehow not on the up and up. The JPost piece was inconclusive about that item also. A lot of fuzzy memories, insinuation, hearsay, and really unfounded accusations that offered no definitive proof or evidence to anything.

    If he is practicing Taqqiya I am sure a higher power will eventually catch up with him.

    Here’s the link

  4. jsb –

    For what it’s worth, in googling I found this interesting offering as well:

    I’ve never been to the site before, so I don’t know it’s format or agenda. But there was more background on Shoebat in the piece. I don’t get worked up about names in the Middle East/Muslim culture. Aside from the spelling deviations (as seen with Qaddaffi) they also tend to not identify, at times, with any one name identity. Unlike the Anglos, Muslim culture seems to try to give family history, lineage, and geography in their names. At least, it’s what I’ve observed.

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