Raul Castro confesses he gave the order to shoot down the BTTR aircract

Café Fuerte has a report (in Spanish) where they describe an audio recording that was sent from Havana. The conversation recorded in this audio file contains a confession by Raul Castro that he gave the orders to shoot down the Brothers to the Rescue aircraft. On February 24, 1996, the Castro air force, acting upon his orders, murdered four innocent men in international waters.

“I made it clear that it [the decision] had to be decentralized if it was going to be effective, and five generals were given the authority […] They [Brothers to the Rescue] were going to continue escalating this and there was no other choice than to make this decision,” Raul Castro said.

It is good to know that we have an audio recording of his confession that can be used in an international tribunal when hopefully this monster is tried for murder and crimes against humanity.

Read the entire report HERE.

3 thoughts on “Raul Castro confesses he gave the order to shoot down the BTTR aircract”

  1. International tribunal?
    Nothing doing! This animal will be tried in Cuba. Otherwise the International tribunal will slap his hands. The International Community has done NOTHING for Cuba.

  2. Yes, the U.N. Human Rights Council will be issuing strongly worded statements and sanctions in 3 … 2 … Well, maybe if Cuba started helping the Jews on the West Bank build family homes. THEN they’d be in trouble.

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