The War Is Here: More Civilians Killed in Mexico War Than Afghanistan War Last Year … In Just One Border Town

Just think how things will escallate now that Hezbollah has joined the ranks of the drug cartels down there.

Granted, by Afghan “city” standards Ciudad Juarez is the biggest and densest city in the world, considering we are talking about sparse and distant villages in A-stan. But ALL of Afghanistan on whole … Damn!

More civilians were killed last year in Ciudad Juarez, the Mexican city across the border from El Paso, Texas, than were killed in all of Afghanistan.

There were 3,111 civilians murdered in the city of Juarez in 2010 and 2,421 in the entire country of Afghanistan.

On a per capita basis, a civilian was 30 times more likely to be murdered last year in Juarez, where there are 1,328,017 inhabitants according to Mexico’s 2010 census, than in Afghanistan, where there are 29,121,286 people according to the CIA World Factbook.

The number of civilians killed in Afghanistan was compiled by the Congressional Research Service and published in a CRS report released on Feb. 3. The number of civilians killed in Juarez was compiled by Molly Molloy, a research librarian at New Mexico State University who maintains a count of murders Juarez and published it on the Frontera List Web site. Molloy’s work on civilian murders in Juarez was also referenced in a recent CRS report on Mexican drug cartels.

Much of the violence in Juárez is sparked by drug trafficking organizations battling over one of the major smuggling corridors into the United States. […]

On a sidebar in the article this should, but won’t, be of some interest to those “anti-war” types that harp on our troops slaughtering the innocents in A-stan:

The CRS said that of the 2,421 civilians killed in Afghanistan in 2010, more than 60 percent were killed by “anti-government elements, which include the Taliban and other individuals or groups who engage in armed conflict with the government of Afghanistan or members of the International Military Forces.”

“Pro-government forces caused 21% of the total civilian deaths,” said CRS.

And that is also the case in the Iraq War. Our troops were responsible for far less Iraqi civilian deaths than the “insurgents” were responsible for.

By the way, I doubt the American MSM will do much, if any, reporting on the story above. Then there’s this little gem:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles wants a six foot security wall built around the mayor’s mansion for increased protection. Yeah, how’s that boycotting of Arizona because of AZ SB 1070 working out for ya, mayor?

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