Madison Is Cairo? Maybe for Certain News Outlets and Reporters

I really like Robert’s post below. His perspective is something I pretty much hold about the “rank and file” of the union memberships. My neighbor guy is retired, but an AFL-CIO, my bad, UAW union guy. He would never do the ugly things we have been hearing and seeing coming out of Madison, WI. in the last couple weeks. I doubt the majority of union members would dare act so disgustingly and disrespectfully. They’re your neighbors and, perhaps, even family members. But for some reason the ‘union’ leadership and union worker-drone thugs in this country believe there is justification in “union” outweighing the “United” in United States of America. That is very unfortunate, and un-American. This is not the Egyptian or Libyan street here … Well, not yet, at least. It is very unnerving to see selective silencing of the media:

If you’ve been a viewer of the Fox News Channel over the past week and a half and have paid attention to its coverage of the standoff between Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic members of the state Senate, you may have noticed the protest that has ensued in Madison, Wisc. has been less than hospitable to the cable news channel’s reporters.

On Saturday night’s broadcast of “Geraldo at Large,” Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin took some critical shots at protesters attempting to shout down and disrupt his broadcast. He told host Geraldo Rivera he has observed hate and an effort to shut out other viewpoints. […]

It really is pretty bad when old dyed-in-the-wool-lib Geraldo chides you. I was watching FOX this afternoon when this attack on Tobin came about:

Here’s a video compilation of just some of the nastiness that has been going on.

And there is a very good commentary at Flopping Aces Blog, “Koch’s whore and Goldman’s slave” that puts real context to the associations between the maligned Koch Bros. and Gov. Walker in comparison to that of highly-favored Goldman Sachs and Obama.

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  1. The refusal of the police to enforce the laws (by the example of Obama) is inviting anarchy. This is indeed what Obama wants right now. I say that the people of Wisconsin should do what the police refuse to do. People, this is getting very close to a civil war.

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