And then there were 5

Via Uncommon Sense:

The Group of 5, Cuba Political Prisoners of the Week, 2/27/11

And then there were five prisoners of conscience in jail since the “black spring” of 2003 and still imprisoned because of their continued intransigence in the face of tyranny and refusal to accept conditions of an agreement that neither them nor their families were involved in negotiating.

Their numbers will drop after it was announced Saturday that Diosdado González would be released and apparently allowed to remain in Cuba, a demand that had added several months to his unjust imprisonment after a release-and-deportation deal was announced last July by the Catholic Church, Spain and the Castro dictatorship.

The Group of 5 is:

Pedro Argüelles Morán

Oscar Biscet González

José Ferrer García

Librado Linares García

Félix Navarro Rodríguez