Where Do Their Loyalties Lie?


To the unions, or to the oath they took and swore to uphold the laws and serve ALL the people …

MADISON, Wis. — In a victory — at least a symbolic one — for Wisconsin’s public employee unions, the Capitol authorities announced on Sunday that demonstrators could continue their all-night sleepovers in the building and would not be forcibly ejected or arrested.

Just one day earlier, the state agency that oversees the Capitol police had said that the overnight protests, which have occurred continuously for almost two weeks and have been the heart and soul of the demonstrations in Madison, would cease on Sunday. The agency is led by an appointee of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, whose plan to strip public employee unions of nearly all of their collective bargaining rights has led to huge rallies in opposition, with as many as 70,000 demonstrators marching around the Madison Statehouse.

Union officials, who had denounced the plan to close the Capitol overnight as an effort to silence critics, called the reversal a capitulation by Mr. Walker’s administration.

“Cooler heads prevailed,” said Jim Palmer, the executive director of the 11,000-member Wisconsin Professional Police Association. “They had said they were going to clear the place out, and then they thought the better of it. Now it’s clear that law enforcement professionals are running the show.” […]

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The following video is a man recounting his experience at the Saturday protest in Atlanta, GA. He was on the Tea Party counter protest side of the street, and the union groups on the opposite corner across the street, Both groups were breaking up and leaving, but a couple of the union participants managed to bypass the police who had kept the two groups segregated, and one of them attacked the man speaking on the video. He continues to describe how the police would not apprehend the union thug for assault:

Are we really heading down this path here? The citizens … the taxpayers … cannot count on the police to do their duty with equal discretion? Will their loyalty to the union trump their duty to the community?

One more thing I have been wondering … Are they possibly in violation of the city fire or health codes being jammed into that building in Madison? Does anybody care?

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  1. I have one question for my fellow exiles. Where are we going to run to next?
    I mean after all, if we refuse to do anything now, we had better expect to relive our past in the very near future.
    This is not a matter of years, but of possibly weeks or months. Once the socialist unions control the law enforcement there is no hope.

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