Battle for Baby Joseph’s Fate

Most of you have probably heard the story from Canada of 13-month-old Joseph Maraachli (Baby Joseph) who suffers from a severe neurological disorder with virtually no chance of long-term survival. A battle between Baby Joseph’s family and the government, represented by the hospital, has been ongoing for weeks now, with the family wanting a tracheotomy performed on their son in order so they can take him home to spend his remaining days with loved ones, and the Ontario courts ordering the ventilator be removed without the tracheotomy procedure, leading to death in minutes.

Some are comparing this case to the Terri Schiavo one from 2005. There are key differences. The Schiavo case was a family dispute between Terri’s husband and her parents and siblings. The Florida courts decided which family member had the right to determine Terri’s fate. In Baby Joseph’s case, the family is in agreement and it’s the government of Ontario through a court ruling that is making the decision despite the family’s wishes. Disturbing, to say the least.

LifeSiteNews has a good summary of the latest events here.

Readers can decide for themselves whether this action by the Ontario courts and the hospital is indicative of what government-run health care can turn into, but it should give people on both sides something to think about. After all, the family of a 13-month-old baby should have every reasonable right to decide how they want their son to spend its remaining days, not the government.