Five Years

Five years. That’s how long Raul Castro says it will take to fix the economic situation in Cuba.

HAVANA – The economic reforms now under way in Cuba will take at least five years to be fully implemented, President Raul Castro said, acknowledging a delay in the planned elimination of 500,000 positions at state enterprises.

Gen. Castro made the statement last week at an expanded meeting of the Council of Ministers, state television reported late Monday.

At the meeting the president said that the plan of economic adjustments should not be applied hurriedly or in an improvised manner because the possibility of mistakes in its implementation constitutes the “biggest threat” to the revolution.

“The updating of our (economic) model is not the work of one day or even of one year, and because of its complexity it requires no less than five years to fully carry out its implementation,” the news report said, citing Castro.

Let’s see: Add five years to the 52 previous ones where the Cuban economy has been systemically destroyed by the revolution and that gives you 57 total years. In other words, it will take 57 years to fix the Cuban economy.What a sad and sick joke.

And you still have “Cuba Experts” trying to convince us the Castro regime will be successful.

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  1. “5 years or till I’m dead and it’s no longer my problem, whichever comes last. Besides, we’ve been promising this shit for over 50 years, so 5 years more or less makes no difference. Now go back to work for the revolution, or whatever. Just don’t be a nuisance, OK?”

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