10 thoughts on “A Tag Team Effort”

  1. Section III ! No less! Rivera goes for the JUGULAR! Like a Pitbull!…WOW!

    Sherrit sure ain’t gonna like it!

    Oh Joe!..Oh Joe Garcia!” mourns Valenzuela, “Now you see why all “Cuba-Experts” went all out for your campaign! This Rivera guy’s gonna make life miserable for us!”

  2. How many “uh… uh…” can Valenzuela fit into a 5 minute time frame? A thing of beauty by Rivera.

    This just goes to show you that the Obama administration not only harbors an ulterior motive with their relaxation of sanctions, they are also utterly clueless how to defend it.

  3. Loved it. Great tag team effort.
    I kinda feel stupid asking this, but Im very confused. Why, after these small verbal battles that we clearly win, does the Obama Admin continues to do what they are trying to do, which is only feeding the regime? And Im serious. Without Anti-Communist sarcasim, Why does the Obama Admin still want the embargo dropped or to loosen the travel restriction? Marco Rubio also made this point very clear. Our point is very clear on how it only helps an oppressive regime. So then Why? Really.
    Without the antiCastro sarcasim, Can someone enlighten me?

  4. Because it’s no big deal, Manolo. Cuba just isn’t a major issue (for any U.S. administration, really.) We’re so caught up in it ourselves, we sometimes forget this. But let’s be practical. A “stable” Cuba presents the least of all problems for the U.S., as they see it. Imagine a Libya mess 90 miles away!

    Consider the U.S.’ current border problems and public attitudes towards any more immigrants, refugees, etc….

  5. “Never mind Garcia. Tell it to the Miami Herald, which did its best to sink Rivera.”

    The Miami Herald still doing its best to remove Rivera from office.

  6. Manolo,

    Because in their heart of heart these lefties in the US admire the castro regime and believe that it’s the US policy on Cuba that prevents it from being the actual socialist paradise that they idealize.

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