Russia Hits Its Reset Button


It seems that ‘over-charged’ reset button the Obama Administration gifted to the Russians has more meaning after all.

While the new leadership of the GOP is trying to pull teeth out of the democrats in Congress to make major spending cuts our defense spending will not go untouched. As a matter of fact, DOD spending can be found to be just as wasteful, over-priced, and redundant as any other spending within our shopaholic government. However, especially while having troops in two active theaters of war with more hot-spots developing in the area with recent uprisings against dictator regimes, we need to be very careful and precise about what gets left on the DOD’s cutting room floor, using a steady hand with a scalpel, and not an ax … As Obama and his cheerleaders tried to finesse a rationale about his recent skimpy offerings to the Congress.

Russia has spent the last several years re-igniting that icy flame in our historic Cold War. They have had no qualms about silencing those who have posed a threat to them, either outwardly in the press or within the murky post-Soviet waters of residual spooks who yearn for the good old days. For the last several years Russia, under Medvedev with Putin running this all behind the scenes, has aided Iran’s quest for nuclear “energy”, has cozied up with Comrade Hugo, old old Uncle castro, and has even buried the hatched with Communist rival China.

Reagan drove the Soviet economy to its knees by forcing them to outspend their own capabilities at the tail-end of the Cold War, causing the Soviet empire to collapse from within. But now, with the socialist butterfly in the Oval Office looking upon the American people as the enemy, it is the perfect time for the former KGB stud to crank the military factories back into production. We’re back in the USSR, boys … As we’re slicing the Russians are about to make things dicey again.

The graying bear is getting a make-over. Russia’s military is launching its biggest rearmament effort since Soviet times, including a $650 billion program to procure 1,000 new helicopters, 600 combat planes, 100 warships, and 8 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines.

Analysts say Russia, while already the world’s fifth-largest military spender, needs strong conventional forces to reduce its overreliance on its aging Soviet-era nuclear missile deterrent. Valentin Rudenko, director of the independent Interfax-Military News Agency, says it could create “a whole new ballgame.”

“For about two decades we’ve had no real modernization, at least not like what’s being proposed now,” he says. “Russia will finally have a modern, top-level armed forces that are capable of protecting the country.”

Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin last week announced the unprecedented new outlays, which will see a massive re-equipping of Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent as well as its conventional forces. The Defense Ministry today said the “modernization drive” will begin this year with the deployment of new generations of air defense and antimissile weapons by Russian ground forces. […]

Not to worry, however, I am certain the Russians will keep it all within the outlines and guidelines of Obama’s vaunted START Treaty victory he sold out our lifelong allies and friends the Brits in order to get the Russians to sign. And if this all weren’t enough ice water in the veins, the U.S. space program only has two more scheduled Space Shuttle missions before retiring the fleet … to then depend on hitching rides into space, for a handsome fee, with the Russian space program.

I feel safer already …

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  1. Ah, Putin. Proof positive that the world is full of shit. Nobody ever had a problem with an ex-KGB official as leader of a “democratic” Russia, though they went ballistic over Kurt Waldheim as leader of totally insignificant Austria because of his old Nazi ties. Everybody wanted former Nazis hunted down and brought to justice, but nobody was interested in making the former Soviets or their client oppressors pay for one damn thing, and they did a lot more harm in terms of numbers than the Nazis, since they had far longer to do it. You can’t have it both ways, but the world obviously doesn’t have a problem with such obvious, glaring hypocrisy. Again, it’s pure BULLSHIT.

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