Gaddafi’s Latin America Circle (of) Jerks

While the world condemns the atrocities being committed by Gaddafi in Libya, three of his friends from Latin America have chosen to protect the brutal dictator with a circle (of) jerks.

While the Arab League turned their back on Qaddafi on Wednesday by considering a no-fly zone over the country, one day earlier, the United Nations General Assembly effectively censured Qaddafi in a near-unanimous vote.

The lone dissenters at the United Nations were Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Those three countries did not vote against a resolution booting Libya from the Human Rights Council, but they expressed disagreement with the decision.

While Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez have not expressed support for Qaddafi, per se, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega has.

Ortega reaffirmed his position last week, saying he “firmly maintained” his support for Qaddafi, whom he said has been the victim of “a ferocious media attack.” The former guerrilla leader-turned-president called the situation in Libya “tough and difficult,” adding that he hoped for peace.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Qaddafi’s sons have urged him to seek asylum with Ortega.

Both Chavez and Castro have been careful to not praise Qaddafi, but they have espoused similar theories that the violence in Libya has been caused and/or overinflated by the West in order to take advantage of Libya’s oil.

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  1. This is a fairly old photo. All these pieces of shit now look considerably worse for wear. Note Mrs. Ortega in the background, looking rather less sleazoid than usual, though still wearing too much make-up (Daniel is also relatively respectable-looking here). She’s the one who apparently stood by or looked the other way while her underage daughter (by another man) was sexually abused by, yes, the current president of Nicaragua (presumably elected by the legally insane). Lovely people all around.

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