Castro dictatorship puts hostage on trial today

Alan Gross has been held hostage by the Castro dictatorship for more than year now, and all they have received in ransom payments from the U.S. is a few relaxations on the sanctions imposed on the regime. None of the relaxations ordered by the Obama administration translate into any measurable amount of immediate cash, and neither do they provide the PR boost the regime needs to negotiate more concessions and credits from the EU and other countries.

Unable to parlay the kidnapping of Gross into big bucks, the Castro regime is kicking it up a notch by conducting a show trial with a predetermined outcome today for all the world to see. The goal of the dictatorship is to squeeze what they perceive to be a weak and inept Obama administration to see how high they squeal, and how much change falls out of their pockets.

U.S. government subcontractor Alan P. Gross goes on trial in Havana on Friday in a case that could freeze or thaw Obama administration efforts to improve relations with Cuba.

A conviction of the 61-year-old from Potomac, Md., is all but certain, analysts say.

Prosecutors are asking for a 20-year sentence on charges of “acts against the integrity and independence’’ of the communist-ruled nation.

But while some analysts predict the Cuban government may keep Gross in prison for years in order to make an example out of him, others expect he will be convicted, sentenced and freed after serving a short part of the sentence.

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  1. Funny, but I don’t hear any squealing from Steven Spielberg and other high-profile liberal Jews. Must be too busy working. Or something.

  2. The left is an intolerant cult, and liberal Jews are not about to take up a cause not on the accepted list. Not for Israel, certainly not for a fellow Jew in trouble with their darling Fidel.

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