“Is Arturo Lopez-Levy a Cuban agent”? “Yes, affirmed my contact.”

Arturo Lopez-Levy with visitors in Havana
Arturo Lopez-Levy with visitors in Havana

“They recruited him (Arturo López-Calleja) while a student in Cuba’s Institute of Interational Relations. He was a young and faithful Communist at the time. And had been an officer in Cuba’s armed forces..He changed his named to Levy (from a maternal great-grandfather) in order to better penetrate Cuba’s jewish community…He’s related to Raul Castro by his in-laws.” (as told to Carlos Alberto Montaner)

(Please note: Carlos Alberto Montaner is NOT making these accusations himself and is not convinced of them. He heard them from Cuban contacts who knew Lopez-Calleja-Levy in Cuba. )

C.A. Montaner was provoked into checking Lopez-Levy’s background when this “academic” attacked him in print in a suspiciously un-academic manner. Montaner’s article here (in Spanish.)

Needless to add, Lopez-Levy then accused Montaner of–what else?– “Mc Carthyism.” And where?…Well in Kaos en La red…the same Castroite site that ” broke” the story of how the Haiti Earthquake was caused by U.S. satellites aiming powerful radio frequencies which harness the natural interaction of forces between the ionosphere and the earth’s fault lines.” All this so the U.S. could colonize Haiti. Remember that one?

Oh..and almost forgot. This same Arturo Lopez-(Callejo) Levy is among the “Policy Experts” officially cited by the Cuba Study Group.

H/T to Babalu reader Clarion5

4 thoughts on ““Is Arturo Lopez-Levy a Cuban agent”? “Yes, affirmed my contact.””

  1. No surprise that the Cuba Study Group would include an individual like Arturo Lopez-Levy in their ranks. He’s a rising star. Despite Montaner’s not surprising revelations [this new guy on the scene has already caused quite a stir and people have been talking], expect to see more of him. I can see him on CNBC, CNN, the McLaughlin Group, a NYT’s editorial here and there, etc… Just do a google and he’s being quoted all over the place.

    If the MSM, various think tanks and the US government were using Ana Montes propaganda what else can we expect?

  2. Que nivel de manipulacion este blog. Montaner representa todo la antidemocracia. Dice que no puede confirmar nada de lo que dice, pero lo dice… Señores, pero a la larga, es una estrategia que solo sirve como tema de conversacion para brunch de domingo o para sobremesa… Vamos, sean un poco mas profesionales. A ver, por qué no acusan de agente a Larry Wilkerson, secretario de Collin Powell? Y cuando vamos a ver a nuestros blogueros del exilio publicando con alguna personalidad politica de importancia?

  3. Esperanza69:

    Que interesante que a usted le moleste tanto la “manipulación de este blog”, pero veo ninguna molestia por su parte por la manipulación vil y odiosa del Sr. Lopez-Callejas.

    Me parece que usted ha entrado en un foro equivocado. Estos tipos de comentarios normalmente se encuentran en cubadebate y los sitios pro-castrista. Ahí quizás le hagan mas caso.

  4. @ Humberto, great post…I just googled this clown and this posting was one of the top ones that came out. I had an intuition, prior to reading your excellent commentary & analysis, that this fellow was some sort of agent, by the rhetoric he employed yesterday on CNN Espanol against Frank Calzon and Arcos (from FIU) over the Carter visit.

    @ Alberto….BRILLIANTTTTTT response to “Esperanza”, another lackey of that barbaric regime in Havana!!!

    Once again, Babalu Blog is on the cutting edge exposing the enemies of liberty and the purveyors and hand-maidens of the malevolence which has infected Cuba since the rise of the Castro Brothers!

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