Double Dip: Not Fuzzy, But Hair-Raising Math

This kind of “math” only works in D.C.— Well, no … No that’s exactly why we ARE in so much trouble. ObamaCare is not the cure. It’s a metastasizing cancer.

Richard Sorian, Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs explained:

“The scoring of the Affordable Care Act is entirely consistent with how legislation has been scored for the 30 years, under Presidents of both parties, and Congresses of both parties. Savings in programs like Medicare and Social Security are scored as improving the solvency of those programs and reducing the deficit.”

Yeah, that whole, “Everybody does it”, never worked as a method of reasoning or rationalizing when I was a kid, and I’m certain it wouldn’t work as an adult. Just ask Bernie Madoff. We are talking about a trillion dollars and the government take-over of 1/6 of our economy … So this is how the ‘books’ are going to be kept?

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