Spanish Royal lets a couple of Cuban ñangaras have it

Jaime de Marichalar and Infanta Elena

The King of Spain’s son-in-law Jaime de Marichalar apparently does not cotton to the monkeyshines of Castro apologists and ñangaras who support the Cuban dictatorship while enjoying the trappings and luxuries of life in high society.

Via New York Magazine:

All The Rage: A Royal Pain
Tempers flared at Robert Wilson and Louis Vuitton’s Watermill Center benefit. We’re told that Jaime de Marichalar, the king of Spain’s son-in-law, verbally assaulted two artists-in-residence, Cuban natives Damian Aquiles and Tania Bruguera. As dinner ended, Marichalar approached Bruguera and Aquiles and berated them because Bruguera didn’t criticize Fidel Castro during remarks she made at the start of the evening’s gala. Aquiles told the royal to mind his own business because “as a lifelong resident of Cuba,” he didn’t need anyone to tell him “what life was like on the island.” Screaming that Castro was an “assassin” and “un maricón,” De Marichalar had to be yanked away by Bianca Jagger—a friend of his wife, Infanta Elena—as Calvin Klein and Barry Diller looked on in bewilderment.

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4 thoughts on “Spanish Royal lets a couple of Cuban ñangaras have it”

  1. Marichalar must be mad. This is highly abnormal behavior. I doubt his father-in-law or brother-in-law would approve, as both have shown Fidel Castro the utmost civility. This was most undiplomatic. Besides, it’s only artists, or what now passes for such. They cannot possibly be so incorrect as to risk being lumped in with “those people.” You know, like those horrid Babalu types. I mean, what’s next? The unspeakable heresy of denouncing Saint Che Guevara? Please. Get real. I’m sure Calvin Klein would agree.

  2. So Bianca Jagger’s still around? She must look seriously scary by now. Calvin Klein sure does. Of course, it’s hard to beat Joan Rivers for sheer plastic surgery overkill. Ah, celebrities.

  3. Well, of course, there must be a reason for this UNSPEAKABLE BEHAVIOR. I’m sure that Jaime de Marichalar is a fascistic Francoist. You know, just like all Cubans who are against castro are right-winged batistianos.

    Because, nobody, but nobody can be against castro unless he is one of the two types I just mentioned. And if you don’t believe me, just read MSM.

    By the way, I wish that more Cuban Americans behaved that way. Nowadays, Cuban-Americans have gotten so “civil” or they have been beaten-down so much–by an ever watchful media ready to pounce on us at the slightest provocation— that most Cuban Americans quietly stomach all sorts of insults.

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