Increasing and Diversifying the Castro Regime’s Revenue Stream

As if the approximately almost $2-billion in revenue generated for the Castro regime from flights to Cuba every year from the U.S. were not enough, now they have come up with an idea to diversify and increase the dictatorship’s revenue stream with proposed ferry trips to Cuba from Florida ports.

WASHINGTON — Imagine boarding a deluxe ferry boat at Port Everglades or the Port of Tampa one evening, settling into a cabin or a reclining chair and sailing into Havana harbor as the sun rises the next morning, all for $150 to $300 roundtrip.

Florida port officials are planning for this tantalizing prospect, while ferry operators push the Obama administration to allow them to make it a reality.

For thousands of Cuban-Americans and other passengers scrambling for seats on charter flights to Cuba, ferry service would be a cheaper new way to get themselves and lots of luggage to the island. Some of them once fled to Florida on rickety boats; now, they want to return by water to bring money and goods to their families.

The ferry operators want a piece of the growing traffic to Cuba, which is overwhelming air charters. Port officials want to position themselves to tap a potential burst of leisure travel if the U.S. ban on tourist trips to Cuba is ever lifted.

Nothing says freedom and liberty like a 52-inch flat screen TV.

1 thought on “Increasing and Diversifying the Castro Regime’s Revenue Stream”

  1. Always missing from these proposals on travel to Cuba is the idea that Cubans should also have the right to travel. Before Castro, there used to be ferry service between Florida and Cuba, used by both Americans and Cubans, and others. Why shouldn´t Cubans be allowed to travel outside their city of residence to Havana, or to the U.S. or anywhere else they would like to go? Why was apartheid in South Africa unacceptable internationally, but now it is okay to keep Cubans in an island cage? Something I wish the millions of Canadians, Europeans, and others traveling to Cuba would think about. Also, Cuban exiles, if you just have to go back and spend money to fatten Fidels pockets, then maybe you should just stay there. I have too many friends who suffered and sacrificed against that bastard to stay silent. You want a free Cuba? Stop giving money to Fidel.

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