What would “Dictator” Batista have done with Gross?


From the New York Times today:

Havana has long decried the programs as an infringement on its sovereignty, and many political analysts believe President Raúl Castro is using Mr. Gross’s detention to send that message to Washington.

When Cuba was run by a “dictator” , Batista, (as defined by the New York TImes) the nation had more TVs and telephones per capita than most European nations and a completely independent judiciary. Introducing a cutting edge communications system to the nation would have landed you an honorary banquet and medal from the “dictator.”

Now that Cuba’s run by a “President “ she has fewer cellphones phones per-capita than Papua New Guinea and attempting to help Cubans communicate with the outside world lands you a 20 year sentence in a “trial” closed to all media and conducted by judges trained by the Soviet KGB at the “President’s” behest.

Compared to MSM reporting on Cuba what Alice found after tumbling down that rabbit hole seems perfectly rational.


2 thoughts on “What would “Dictator” Batista have done with Gross?”

  1. I’ve never been a defender of Batista (who I consider an incompetent petty-tyrant who is partly to blame for Fidel’s rise), but all I would ask the MSM to do is treat Raul/Fidel in the same way that they analyze Batista.

    Ok, so Batista took Mafia and corporate kick backs, and killed anywhere from 2,000 (most likely) to 20,000 (MSM favorite number). Now what about Fidel & Raul’s track record? = 14,000 shot (Black Book of Communism), another 80,000 + eaten by sharks, + 300,000 incarcerated in the 1960’s, 1,000,000 + in exile etc. Can we at least get a “dictator” in air quotes for fucks sake!!! C’mon New York Times … surprise us!

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